The firework season in the UK has changed over the past few years. No longer limited to November 5th each year, the industry is kept busy all year round as it supplies special occasions including new year and summer festivals. Kimbolton Fireworks are at the forefront of the industry and have been responsible for wowing crowds at major new year events in London and Edinburgh as well as major sporting events such as the one that took over London in 2012.

But they also sell to retailers and to consumers. Over the past 3 years Adrenaline has worked with the company to enhance their product line by resigning packaging. The design of the outer box is crucial and has to reflect the exciting display that will be delivered by its chemical ingredients. The packaging also has to comply with UK legislation with prominent warnings displayed about the dangers of the products. With exciting names like Devil’s Advocate, Archangel and Twilight Zone, Kimbolton Fireworks provides plenty of opportunity for the Adrenaline design team to get really creative and both the client and the designers love the final results.